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Dear Parents,

A reminder that Sports Day is next Tuesday 11th June. The children will need to come to school wearing their PE kit on Tuesday and they will keep this on for the day.

In preparation for this, we would like them to bring in their PE kit with them on Monday. We will be doing a short Sports Day practice on Monday afternoon so they will change into PE kits for this after lunch and then come home in them ready to wear again on Tuesday.

Many thanks,

The Reception Team

Music Week

We have been exploring instruments, making patterns and composing music. Can you use symbols to write your own piece of music? What symbols will you use?

Friday 10th May


Thank you to everyone that made it to watch our maypole dancing this afternoon, the children all did brilliantly, and the rain just about managed to hold off for long enough!


Next Wednesday 15th May, we are holding a writing workshop for Reception parents, please join us at 2.30pm if you can make it.

Friday 3rd May


We have started the Summer term with lots of fantastic learning and the children have all been really enthusiastic after the Easter break. This week has been particularly exciting with the incredible find of a dinosaur bone in our sandpit! The children have written to a paleontologist and we have had lots of dinosaur activities on the go. Some of our class have extensive dinosaur knowledge that they have been sharing with us!

Alongside this we have been focusing on reading and writing our 'take a picture' words, also learning about shape in Maths. We've managed to make good use of the outdoors so fingers crossed the summer term allows us to do this lots more!

We have also started practising for our Maypole dance which you are all invited to come and watch next Friday 10th May at 2pm. We look forward to seeing you then.


Best wishes,

The Reception Team

African drumming workshop

The enormous turnip

We have had a busy day today identifying vegetables, making and testing soup, discovering if we have to push or pull objects to make them move,learning the 'oi' sound and looking at how many different ways we can make numbers to five! What a great learning day everybody.

Welcome back to the Spring Term!


The children have come back full of enthusiasm and ready to learn. We have started this half term with Traditional Tales and have already read Jack and the Beanstalk. We continue with this theme next week and will be reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Much of our learning will be based around these tales.


We have also been revising our phonic sounds already learnt and have started to introduce some Phase 3 sounds. These are 'holding hands' letters where two letters make one sound. The children have started to pick these up quickly and are recognising them when they see them in words.


Maths has had a focus on ordering, counting and representing numbers in different ways. We will continue with this over the next week with different activities planned to allow the children to experiment with number in different ways.


As always, please come and see us, or email,  with any concerns or questions you may have.


Have a lovely weekend.


The Reception Team.

Remembrance and Diwali

Ruby Class

Parent phonics workshop
Wednesday 28th November 2018

Thursday 1st November


Hope you all had a lovely half term. We have started back this half term with a theme of Space. We have read the book 'Whatever Next' and based a lot of our learning around this during the week. The children have loved the Space theme and love sharing things from home to do with Space, so do send anything in if you have anything.

We would also be grateful for any bits of recycling that we could use for junk modelling. However, could we request things that could be used alongside our space theme such as silver/foil cake or pie cases, yoghurt pots and small boxes.

We are progressing with our letter sounds in phonics and it is lovely to hear children pointing out letters that they now recognise in stories and around the school. We have been working on blending sounds together as we build our bank ofletters and  sounds.

In Maths, we have been focusing on counting objects and matching these to the written numeral. We've also made good use of numicon - a great maths resource.


Friday 12th October

This week has been busy with lots of learning happening. We have read a lovely story called Pumpkin Soup and along with this have had a great time investigating pumpkins - the inside and out!

Next week is our Harvest festival, we look forward to seeing you at the Baptist church on Tuesday morning. Linking to Harvest we will looking at bread and hope to do a bread tasting session in class at the beginning of the week. If, for any reason, your child cannot take part in this, please let us know.


This week we have been continuing with our phonics sounds, learning what it looks like, sounds like and how to write it. We have been looking at how sound buttons help us to read and write words, we have been chopping/segmenting up the sounds and squishing/blending them back together. 

We have been investigating numbers and seeing if we can predict one more, then checking our answers by using careful 'one point,one count'. 

Today we started to think about Autumn and went on an autumn walk. We used the things we found to make some pictures. We were learning about pattern, try to make a pattern with some lego  or toys at home. Can you draw it or take a picture to show us?

Today we also started our phonics work, 's', children will bring home phonics books on a Friday so that you know the sounds we have covered, there is no expectation for your child to write in these books, however if they should like to 'have a go' at the formation they can trace over the letter shape, or draw some objects beginning with the initial sound.

Thank you to everyone that came to the Parent's afternoon yesterday, it was good to meet you all and hopefull was informative for you. For those of you that couldn't make it, we have copied the key points and any leaflets that were given out which you should find in yor child's bookbag today.


This week, we have been making the most of the lovely weather whilst continuing to get to know each other and learn about the ways of school life. We have started learning about shape, as well as sharing lots of stories and playing rhyming games. Have a look at the photos below.



Today we have been learning about shapes. We have looked at their properties and how we can identify them. 

Enjoying the first few days in Reception

We are just in the process of transferring all of the information from the All About Me booklets to our system, please ensure that all forms have been returned and that you have notified us of any medical conditions we should be made aware of.


Unfortunately it looks like summer is now over! Please ensure that all children have a coat in school every day as we do take the children outside each day. 



We have had a great two days with all of our new Ruby Class children in school. Thank you parents for ensuring all children have a water bottle, many we have refilled as the children have been drinking well. 

Please encourage your child to put away their own water bottle and book bag in the mornings, although it may seem that  it takes a long time it will help the children to become more independent in the long run.

Just a reminder if your child is packed lunch they will require a drink in their lunchbox as well as a water bottle for the classroom.

As you may have seen, the children have to carry all of their own possessions out at the end of the day, so encouraging them to organise and carry them in first thing in the morning helps towards  this.

Welcome to Ruby Class 2018-19

We hope that you are all enjoying the summer holidays, the weather has certainly allowed for lots of outdoor activities!  

Please do let us know if your child has done anything exciting over the summer as it's brilliant for us to have something talk to  your  child about when we visit you at home or on their first few days at  school. 

We look forward to getting to know you all in September smiley

Mrs Davies and Mrs Pollard

Direct email to the Ruby Class Teachers

If you would like to contact Mrs Davies or Mrs Pollard, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is three working days.