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We are thinking about doctors, nurses and dentists this week

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the Spring term, we hope that you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year break. It's been lovely to see all of the children back in class and we've started with an exciting new topic! For this half term, we will be looking at People Who Help Us and we've already had a visit from one of our lovely parents and his two police dogs. If you work in an industry that you think we may look at and would like to come and visit us, we would love to welcome you in! Please come and speak to us or send us an email and we can arrange a time for you to visit.

In phonics, we continue with our Phase 3 sounds and building/reading sentences that use the sounds we have learnt. We are continuously practicing blending and segmenting throughout the day as we have a go at reading and writing. 

In Maths, we are looking at making 5. This includes adding and subtracting within 5 and building a good picture of the numbers and amounts that make up 5. 


Some games in between nativity performances!

After celebrating Diwali we have now ventured into Space!

Little red hen- how can we separate the seeds from the flour? What happens when we mix water with cornflour? Our scientists were investigating today!

Friday 18th October

We've had a great couple of weeks in Ruby class with some lovely learning taking place around the theme of Autumn. Thank you for the leaf donations, we've made some lovely pictures using them linked to the story 'Leafman'. We did finally find him in the book which he told us to read!

Our phonics learning is coming along really well too with the children recognising and saying lots of the phase 2 sounds. We are working on our beginning sounds of words and spotting groups of words with the same sound.

In Maths, we are working on numbers up to 5. The children have been great recognising the number 5 all around the school and in books. We have made 5 in different ways and are beginning to realise that it can be seen in different forms.

This week, we read the story 'Pumpkin Soup' and have had a look at pumpkins guessing what they might be like inside. Lots of scooping out the seeds followed along with a good feel which enabled us to use some great descriptive words!


Have you seen Leaf Man?

He was last seen asleep in our classroom, keep a look out in the woods!

Wednesday 2nd October

Next week we will be using the theme of 'Autumn' for our learning. If you could collect any Autumn leaves and bring them into school, that would be great. If they can be pressed, that would be even better!

Thank you. 

Ruby class have settled into school life brilliantly! Over the last couple of weeks, we have spent time getting to know each other and thinking about how we can be good friends that are kind and helpful.

We have started our phonics learning journey and we have been sorting objects by thinking about their beginning sounds. We've also had a go at writing each new letter that we have learnt. In Maths, we have started thinking about the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in detail. We've thought about what they look like, how they can be represented, the order they go in and how they can be made by adding numbers together. 

A Quick Note!


We have sent an email out to all parents today about our individual children's photos, which were due to be taken tomorrow in school. We know that some Reception parents haven't been getting their school emails so we're letting you know here too.


One of our wonderful parents takes our photos for us each year. The weather forecast is not good for tomorrow and so she has asked to have the date postponed until NEXT TUESDAY, 1st October, instead, when hopefully it will be drier and she can take the children's photos outside.


If you have a pre-school child who you would like to have a photo of with their older sibling, Mrs Firmin will be in the playground from 8.30am next Tuesday, and we invite parents to bring their children around so that this photo can be taken before school starts. The school children will then have their individual photos taken during the school day.

Welcome Ruby Class!


A huge welcome to all our new children (and families) in Ruby class. The children have settled in brilliantly over the last couple of weeks and we have been enjoying spending time getting to know them all whilst carrying out lots of different activities.


Thank you to parents for helping in the mornings by encouraging children into the classroom on their own, the children are getting the hang of our morning routines well. Please do use our contact book if you need to let us know anything such as different collection arrangements. As you've probably seen, it can be hard for us to talk to you at the beginning of the day when all of the children are arriving.


We would like to welcome you into school on Wednesday afternoon for our information meeting at 2.15pm. We will go over many questions that you may have, and will give you the opportunity to ask more if you need to!


We look forward to seeing you then.


Best wishes,


The Reception Team

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