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Thursday 22nd October


Welcome to the end of the first half term at primary school Ruby Class! What superstars the class have all been these last few weeks. We have been amazed by how quickly they have settled into school life and how much their confidence has grown since those first few days.

We are seeing some fantastic learning every day and this week have followed the story 'The Little Red Hen'. We have retold the story using storymaps and also props outside. We have also made bread rolls (see photos below!) and had our very own harvest festival via zoom with the lovely Andy and Ellie Eyre from the Baptist Church. The musical instruments have been out again this week and we are practising following a pattern to a number of beats.


It has been lovely chatting to you at parent's evenings. A lot of you have asked about the phonic sounds, so below is a link to the jolly phonics letter sounds video where you can hear each of the sounds being said in the way that we teach them to the children. 


Link to listen to the phonics sounds:



We hope that you all have a great half term week and look forward to seeing you all back in November!


Best wishes,

The Reception Team

Friday 16th October


This week we have had another autumnal theme to include hedgehogs, then pumpkins! We learnt about hedgehogs and h ad a go at writing some facts about them. We were all intrigued to find out that they are good swimmers! We then read the story 'Pumpkin Soup' and talked about sharing and turn taking which is a theme running through the story. We had a look at some real pumpkins and had a guess what they look like inside before cutting them open and scooping out the insides! Some of us planted the seeds in the hope of growing some new pumpkins once we learnt about the pumpkin life cycle.


In phonics, we have learnt some new sounds and have been trying hard to hear the beginning and end sounds in words. This has then been a focus for our writing where everyone has had a go, we've had some super writing this week! At this stage, we want everyone to 'have a go' and lots of praise is given for all attempts whether it is on paper, using chalk or on a whiteboard.


In Maths, we have looked in more detail at the number 5 and how kit is made up of 5 ones. We've introduced part part whole models which show how numbers can be made up of smaller parts. See the example below.


We look forward to 'virtually' meeting you all for parent's evenings next week.

Have a great weekend,


Best wishes,

The Reception Team.

Investigating pumpkins and lots of other fantastic learning!

Friday 9th October

This week we have had great fun learning all about Autumn. We have been on an Autumn walk and spotted lots of conkers, acorns, red, brown and yellow leaves, even some squirrels having fun climbing the trees!

We also read the story, 'Leafman' and had our very own Leafman come to visit! He didn't stay long though and got blown away in the wind so we had to go searching for him. Eventually we found him stuck up high in our gazebo outside! We all had a go at becoming firemen and tried to rescue him back down! When he arrived back in class, he had a towel made for him, a bedtime story, even a pizza for tea. (All made and created by some Ruby class children!).

In phonics, we have continued with our Phase 2 sounds and have spent lots of time thinking about what sound we can hear at the beginning of words.

Maths has continued with the number 5 and lots of investigating and experimenting with counting and ordering numbers.

Have a super weekend.

Best wishes,

The Reception Team

Friday 2nd October


Another fantastic week in Reception class!

This week we have read the story, 'Have you filled a bucket today?'. It's a lovely story which focuses on being a 'bucket filler' and doing lots of nice things to making others happy. The children have been fabulous at recognising 'bucket fillers' this week when they've seen others sharing, being kind, helping each other and smiling or saying nice things. We've tried not to be 'bucket dippers' which makes others sad.


We've also continued with Phonics and have learnt the sounds i, n, m and d. We've spent a lot of time thinking about words that begin with these sounds and listening for the sounds in words. We've also started to blend some sounds that we've learnt together to make words such as 'at', 'in' and 'it'. Look out in your child's book bag today for a yellow phonics book. This will come home every Friday and we will collect it in each Tuesday. See if your child can tell you the sound and the action to go with it.


In Maths, we have counted lots and also have met numbers 3 and 4. We've looked for groups of 3 and 4 and thought about what they look like in number form as well as amounts that we can see out and amount. We've counted conkers, acorns and made different number sand and oat cakes outside. We've also linked the numbers to shapes, recognising that a square has 4 sides and a triangle only has 3. 


Next week, we move on to looking at Autumn - quite appropriate for the current weather!


We hope that you all have a lovely, and not too wet, weekend!


Best wishes,

The Reception Team. 



Welcome to Ruby Class!

Friday 18th September


Wow, what a week! It has been so lovely to properly welcome all of our new families and children to Ruby class this week. The children have all been superstars and have settled into school life absolutely brilliantly. We have had lots of fun on the lower deck in the sunshine, read lots of stories, sung songs and nursery rhymes, and enjoyed some counting and number activities. We have seen so many children being kind to one another, sharing and getting to know their new friends. This will be one of our main focuses over the next few weeks. 

Thank you to all of the parents too for helping the children come into school so well in the mornings, they have been amazing.


A couple of reminders; please could all children bring in a water bottle each day (separate to their lunch box if they bring packed lunch), please make sure everything is named including bottles and please could they bring in their book bags each day so that any work they've done or letters can come home in them. It is helpful if the yellow reading record books are in their bags every day also. We will aim to change their books every Tuesday and Friday.


It looks like next week may be a little rainy at times, so the children will all need a waterproof coat in on those days. 


Next week, as the children move towards full days, we will be starting phonics and looking at number in a bit more detail through some of our play activities. This is alongside many more getting to know you activities and learning more of the school routines. 


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday!


Best wishes,

The Reception Team 

Ruby Class getting to know each other and enjoying their first days at school!

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