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Arrangements for Friday 19th May-visit to Lingfield College


Please wear-  school sweatshirt, own top, own long trousers, waterproof coats in case it rains and wear wellies. 

Arrival time 9.15. Please do not arrival earlier than 9.10 due to Lingfield College drop-offs.'

On arrival, there is  signage directing the parents to the drop off area in the front of the Prep School Office.

Children can bring a pair of shoes to change into on arrival back at school.

They don't have to bring clothes with them to change into once back at school.


We are looking forward to a fantastic morning and will take lots of pictures so you can see what we were up too. Please do not send book bags with the children. If your child is having a school dinner on Friday please would you email Mrs Lowe to let her know as we will not be able to take a dinner register. Packed lunch boxes will be stored and taken back to school with us

Tuesday 16th May

Today we started to make our own superhero capes and went on a flight around Dormansland! The rest of us will make our capes tomorrow.

Welcome to Ruby Reception Class



We are well underway with our super hero topic, here is what we have been up to.

Monday 27th June 2016


After spending two weeks learning about the Royal Family, this week we will rehearsing for our class assembly which is on Friday 1st July 2016 at 9.15, everybody is welcome. 


On Wednesday afternoon we will be travelling by coach to Chequer Mead in East Grinstead to watch the Key Stage two performance, please remember to collect your child from the theatre at 3.15. Children will NOT need to bring book bags to school on this day.


As the weather is beginning to warm up please ensure your child has a water bottle in school each day, we ask that the bottle only contain water-not squash or juice. If your child's bottle becomes empty during the day we will refill it.


Art Week - British Values

Tilgate Park


We had a fantastic day at Tilgate today and managed to avoid any showers. I think the photographs tell the whole story!

This week we are reading The Very Busy Spider, we started off by going on a mini beast hunt this morning, you should have seen the size of the spider we found!

The Hungry Caterpillar


This week we have been reading the story of The Hungry Caterpillar. We have read the story and acted it out using props. We wrote our own version of the story and thought about our favourite parts. Next week we will be reading the story of The Very Busy Spider and developing our own mini-beast environment. To enable us to do this it would be fantastic if the children could bring in a mini-beast (worm, slug or snail) in a closed container with air holes on Monday. 




This week we started our new topic looking at mini beasts. We began by looking at a variety of different types of mini-beasts and writing facts about them. We made ladybirds and used boxes to make a variety of other things a mini beast might need.  Our cocoons turned into butterflies over night Monday and we released them into our school grounds. As well as learning about mini beasts we are beginning to learn our May pole routine ready to perform at the May Fair. 

We revisited subtraction and looked at different ways we could solve a subtraction/take away/minus problem. We also spoke about all of the different words we could use for subtraction- no wonder we can find it a very difficult concept to grasp! 

In phonics we have been looking at how we can add a new letter to the beginning or end of a word to make a new word

                                                  pot        s pot

Look out for a letter next week about helping in class during art week.

Look what arrived today!

We were very excited in Ruby Class today as our brand new interactive whiteboard has arrived. We have now got to explore it and learn about how it works.

The dinosaurs have arrived!


The dinosaurs have finally arrived in Ruby class. After finding out how to grow a dinosaur then going on a hunt for the lost dinosaurs, this week we are thinking about dinosaur facts. We will be writing facts we know about dinosaurs and thinking about how we should look after some dinosaur eggs.

In Maths we will be investigating how we could add two numbers together. 

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who joined us for our Easter Egg hunt.



Friday 11th March


This week we travelled of to Australia, after a bumpy flight we all enjoyed the gorgeous weather on arrival. The children worked with Mrs Heale to develop a Travel Agents in our role play area, children had to make their own passports, then browse through brochures to choose their destinations. 

We looked at some Aboriginal art and used the paintings to inspire us to design our own pictures, we experimented with different tools and chose the effect we liked most. 

We spent more time thinking about adding this week, trying to find ways of working out two more than. Children used counting beads, number lines,fingers and cubes to solve problems. 

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our Reading Workshop on Thursday, all parents should have received the accompanying booklet in book bags if you were unable to attend.  I also spoke about parent volunteers in class during the summer term, so look out for a letter after Easter. 

Next week we are traveling on to the Great Barrier Reef and diving under water, meeting jelly fish and other under water animals.


Friday 4th March 2016

This week the children have been looking for signs of Spring, they enjoyed a walk around the school grounds and spotted many exciting things. I am sure that if you ask them about their adventures they will be able to tell you about their findings. We also spent time thinking about our Mummy's, the children made cards (I hope they all arrived home safely), thought about words which described them and then painted portraits. 

We enjoyed watching Year two's assembly on Tuesday and attending our World Book Day assembly on Thursday. In Maths we were learning about subtraction, the children were encouraged to use a variety of equipment to help them work out problems and to think about how they could record their workings on paper. 

Next week we are moving further afield and are beginning to learn about Australia, if you have any artefacts linked to Australia it would be fantastic if they could be shared with the class. 


Finally don't forget about the reading workshop on Thursday 8th March, 2.15pm in the hall. I will be talking about how your children are beginning to learn to read, sharing a phonics session for you to participate in and giving ideas on how to support your child's early development of reading at home.


Friday 12th February 2016


We hope that all of the children had a fantastic time during Science Week learning about our senses. Thank you to all of the parents who came in to help during the week, we wouldn't have been able to complete all of the activities without your help.

Next term we will be continuing our theme of 'Our wonderful world' beginning with the story of 'The Rainbow Fish'.


Don't forget to sign up for our introduction to becoming a parent volunteer if you would like to get more involved in school life.

Friday 5th February 2016

Our week began with a letter from Oliver and a book, Oliver's Milkshake.  He asked us what our favourite flavour milkshake was, and suggested we tried to make some. Using blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and bananas we cut the fruit, added milk and put it all into a blender. We all had the opportunity to try our milkshakes. Later in the week we printed with fruit, ready to cut it and stick it into a fruit basket. We then had to label the fruit we had put into our basket. 

Our maths focus was money, we spent time learning the value of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins,  finding out how many 1p coins long a worm was and then totaling the coins. Some of us then measured in 2p coins, we had to start to count in 2's! Using the cameras we recorded our own maths, sometimes it was a little tricky to make sure everything was in the picture.


Next week is Science Week, be ready for lots of fun! Our topic is 'The Senses'.

Friday 29th January 2016


This week we have learnt about 'Oliver's Vegetables', we started the week by reading the story and setting up our role play as a fruit and vegetable shop. We then used some of the vegetables the children had brought in for printing. On Tuesday our carrots disappeared from the classroom and we had to design posters to help us find them. Although Wednesday was very wet we went on a carrot hunt and eventually found the carrots, they had been taken by a rabbit! We also looked at the art work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and created our own pictures based on his works of art. Using knives, we cut up the vegetables to make vegetable soup on Thursday, it was so delicious some of us ate 3 bowls! 

Next week we will be making milkshakes and talking about keeping healthy and making healthy choices


To support our learning we would like each child to bring in a piece of soft fruit on Monday- strawberries, raspberries or  blueberries.  We will then use these to make our healthy milkshakes.


Phonics and Reading

To support our phonics work, each child will now have a sentence stuck in their phonics book to read at home each week. Your child will also be bringing home their own bookmark with phase two and three tricky words on it. These are words that can't be sounded out, we just have to recognise them. We call them 'take a picture' words. Please practice these with your child at home. If your child can already read them they might like to try writing them in a sentence.



Friday 22nd January 2016

This week we have looked at the story of Handa's hen, we acted out the story and looked at the animals which can be found in Africa. We also made some African inspired necklaces, they looked amazing when we put them on. In Maths we looked at adding two numbers together and recorded them in our own way. 


Next week we are moving on to the story of 'Oliver's vegetables'. If possible we would like the children to bring in one vegetable on Monday morning for us to put into our fruit and vegetable shop. 


We hope that you enjoy the book gift that your child brought home today. 


Friday 15th January 2016

We have had a fantastic first week back, on Monday we read the story of Handa and discussed the actions of the animals, how Handa felt when she realised they had taken her fruit and the qualities of her friendship with Akeyo. We wrote about the story and using masked acted out the story out. On Thursday we used knives to cut up fruit for a fruit salad then ate it in the afternoon, it was delicious and we nearly all tried fruits we hadn't tried before.

In maths we were discussing different ways of ensuring we count accurately and learnt a new word 'estimating'. We used the cameras to record our learning. The last week of this half term is Science Week so look out for a letter regarding helping in class during the week.

This weeks phonics will be coming home today with the addition of a caption to 'have  a go' at reading. We will be having a coffee morning all about reading later this term. 

Next week we are looking at the story of Handa's Hen, acting out the story, having a go at some African drumming and making patterns inspired by African designs. 

Welcome back!

We hope that you have all had a fantastic Christmas break, we would like to thank you all for the gorgeous gifts and cards we received at the end of term.

This term we are starting by spending the first week thinking about what we are good at and appreciating the talents of our friends. We had an enjoyable circle time where we were all able to discuss something we felt we are good at and then had to identify talents in others.

This week we have started to explore Handa's Surprise. Our role play has turned into Handa's hut and we are beginning to investigate the fruits Handa had to carry in her basket. Look out for some pictures as the week progresses.

Friday 18th December 2015

From all of Reception Team we would like to wish you a restful and exciting Christmas,we would also like to thank you for all of your gifts. The children have experienced a busy final week of term, they all behaved impeccably at the church on Tuesday morning and sang with such confidence we were very proud of them. Wednesday afternoon was our end of term party, after a delicious spread of food the children enjoyed dancing at Mr Milne's disco then returned to the classroom to play some traditional party games. 

Thursday took us into the world of The Nutcracker, we took part in some dance based on the toys which were made. In the afternoon we were lucky enough to experience an unexpected snowstorm in the playground! The children all looked amazing today in their Christmas jumpers, we enjoyed comparing designing, we finished our day today watching the  pantomime of Aladdin.


A few parents have asked us for the recipe of the Christmas cakes we sent home, it was adapted slightly to make it child friendly and allow us to use it in school.

500gm self-raising flour

6 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

3 tsp mixed spice

350gm dried mixed fruit

200ml orange juice

zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange

1 large jar of mincemeat

300gms spreadable butter

300gms muscovado sugar

6 eggs


We hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy spending time together, we would be grateful if over the Christmas period you would take the opportunity to sort through your child's book bag, due to the new bags being considerably larger than the old version,  we struggle to fit them into the storage boxes especially when they have anything more than a reading book and diary inside. We would also be grateful if you could ensure that your child only has one key ring on the handle to help them identify their bag. 


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

The Reception  Team



Week ending Friday 11th December 2015


We have just finished another busy week preparing for Christmas. Our indoor role play turned into Santa's house and outside the elves began the busy process of wrapping presents, we made some fantastic Christmas decorations and designed a Christmas card. On Friday we took on the role of Mary Berry and made some delicious Christmas cakes, they will be coming home for you to enjoy at Christmas. 

Don't forget our Christmas Church Service on Tuesday at 9.15 followed by our Christmas party on Wednesday afternoon. We will be finishing off the term on Friday afternoon with our annual pantomine performance, this years show is Aladdin.


Week ending Friday 4th December 2015


It seems impossible that there are only two weeks left of your children's first term in school, they have settled in and grown in confidence over the last 11 weeks.

This week we looked at the story of The Little Red Hen, retelling the story using Pie Corbett's story telling techniques as well as learning the Little Red Hen rap. The children had great fun on Friday tasting a variety of different types of bread including sun-dried tomato, sour dough, honey and sunflower seed, three cheese and wholemeal. It was amazing to see every child 'having a go' at trying each piece, with many even surprising themselves!

The highlight of our week for us all was obviously our Nativity performance of Jesus' Christmas Party, we were so proud of all of the children standing up on stage and singing with such confidence.Thank you for supplying all of the costumes we do have a few shepherds crooks left if you wish to reclaim them, if not we will use them in our Christmas role play. 

Next week we are beginning our Christmas topic with The Jolly Christmas Postman, we would be grateful for donations of any odds and ends of wrapping paper, present labels or odd rolls of Christmas tape you may have as I think we could be using quite a bit to complete our wrapping this week! Don't forget Wednesday is the Children's Christmas lunch.

Many thanks   Reception Team


Week ending Friday 27th November 2015


Yet again we have had a busy week in Reception, it was great to welcome Mrs Trigg to the team and thank you for giving her a warm welcome on Monday after school. We continued with our topic of The Elves and the Shoemaker, making our own shoes and thinking about the old woman who lived in a boot. We also wrote letters to the elves telling them about ourselves. In maths this week we were learning about 3d shapes, we went on a shape hunt around the school and worked in groups in the hall to try and make our bodies into shapes- this was very tricky! Friday was Friendship Day when we mix up all of our classes and spend the morning bringing the magic of Christmas to our school. Ask your children the theme for this year, they should be able to tell you!

Next week we will be rehearsing for our Nativity, please remember there are three performances and slips for those who applied for tickets went out today. Unfortunately Mrs Lowe received some slips without names on so if you were expecting tickets and they weren't in your child's book bag please speak to Mrs Lowe on Monday. Thank you for all of the amazing costumes, remember to bring a tissue as the children are sure to bring a tear to anybody's eye! 

With Christmas approaching it would be great if your child could have a plastic bag in their book bag ready to bring things home.

Finally due to our busy day today we didn't have the opportunity to change books however I know that you all have some brilliant books at home so please share one of your child's favourite books from home this weekend. 




Friendship Day and our shape hunt around the school

Monday 23rd November 2015

This week we will be continuing with The Elves and the Shoemaker , try to lace up shoes and tackle buckles! We will also be looking at shoes and using them to help us design and make our own pair, keep a look out for pictures of us modelling these. 

We are also busy rehearsing for our Christmas play, please make sure all costumes are in by the end of next week. 


Monday 16th November 2015


We have had a busy week finishing of our work based on Jack and the beanstalk by looking at Jasper's Beanstalk. We had fun retelling the story and talking about how our beanstalks had grown since they were taken home- I hope that you are all remembering to water them! 

On Wednesday we started a new topic based on the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. We took our shoes off and drew around them, cut them out and then compared them to see who had the biggest feet.

We also retold the story using our puppets. Next week we are continuing our story and will be making a pair of shoes.

Welcome Back!   1st November 2015


We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break over half term, and the children are looking forward to returning to Ruby class. This half term promises to be an extremely busy one with the build up to Christmas. For the first few weeks we will be focusing on Traditional Tales, in particular Jack and the Beanstalk and the Elves and the Shoemaker. Then we will be focusing on the lead up to Christmas- more about that in the coming weeks.


This coming week the children will be focusing on a wide range of activities around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk including planting beans ( as we ran out of time for the planting we had planned for the week before half term), storytelling and writing opportunities in Jack's House and the Giant's Castle- our indoor and outdoor role play areas, and much more. We will also be looking at Fireworks night and the Gunpowder Plot, along with talking about how to keep safe on Bonfire Night.


In preparation for one of our planned craft activities we would be very grateful if you could save cardboard tubes (from the inside of kitchen rolls) and bring them in this week. smiley


With thanks for your ongoing support

The Reception Team


Weekly Update 18th October 


It was lovely to see so many of you at the Harvest Celebration on Friday. We hope you enjoyed the service. We were very proud of the children and how beautifully they sang- remembering all the words! Many thanks to those of you that helped us walk down to the Baptist Church. smiley


It hardly seems possible that we are entering the last week of this half term already. Time has flown by since the children started in September, and we hope you agree that they have settled really well into school life. In this final week we are sticking to our theme of 'Friendship' and will  be making a whole class friendship quilt- which you will be able to see on display in the classroom when it is finished.

Through the Percy the Park Keeper stories we will be talking about the ways that friends help each other and setting up 'Percy's Hut' in our outdoor playhouse, along with digging and planting activities outside.


If you have any Percy the Park Keeper stories at home, please do send them in for us to share with the children. We will of course return them to you by the end of the week. 


In maths this week we are focusing on ways of making 5, using objects to help us. We will be using our 'karate maths' to help us make our own number sentences. (This involves the children using mime to show the different symbols such as + - and =)


We have begun to introduce letters and sounds and will be continuing this week. Further details about our approach to this will  follow at our Coffee Afternoon on Wednesday. Please note the original time for this has changed to 2:15pm.


With thanks for all your support this half term.

The Reception Team





Weekly Update- 11th October 2015


We hope you received the salt dough heart decorations the children made this week. Despite an extended amount of time in the oven on a low temperature as recommended, they didn't quite harden, but in-spite of this we hope you have found a place to display them at home!

This week we have continued our theme of friendship through discussions and activities based around stories. On Monday the children thought about kind things they do to help others feel happy ( they came up with some lovely examples), and on Thursday we thought about what we would put into a 'Friendship Pie'. The children have especially enjoyed creating their own repeating patterns this week using lots of different objects and equipment including printing, threading and using peg boards.


Next week we will be focusing on preparing for our Harvest Celebration on Friday 16th October. This takes place at the Baptist Church at 9:30am. As part of our preparations we will be embracing Autumn! On Monday we will be taking the children on a walk around our school grounds to look for and collect signs of Autumn. *We will be wearing Wellies for this- we have plenty of wellies on our welly rack, but should you wish your child to wear their own please send them in a plastic bag*.  Then we will be using our Autumn finds for lots of creative activities throughout the week- including leaf printing, conker marbling, and lots more!  If your child would like to bring in any Autumn finds from home (leaves, acorns, pine cones, conkers etc) they would be very well received.


Next week we are planning to make a 'Friendship Quilt'. For this we need fabric squares measuring 15cm by 15cm- if you are able to donate any off cuts of plain coloured fabric for this, we would be very grateful


We will be sending home a note in book bags tomorrow to ask children to please bring in a photograph of someone special. This could be a picture of their family, or an individual picture of one special person (e.g a family member or close family friend). The children will be sharing their photographs on Thursday. 


With thanks for your continued support

The Reception Team



Harvest Festival Friday 16th October 9:30am, Dormansland Baptist Church

Second Reception Coffee Morning Wednesday 21st October 9:15am- venue tbc.

Weekly Update 4th October 2015


This week we have made the most of the good weather by taking lots of our learning outside. The children enjoyed joining in with the Gruffalo story on Tuesday in the new outdoor classroom. We also had fun with the parachute, playing games to help the children get to know each other, along with practising our listening skills to follow simple instructions. Our main focus has continued to be on making friends and developing the children's confidence to have a go at a wide range of different activities. On Thursday the children enjoyed using jelly babies to act out different friendship scenarios. They then used the digital cameras to take pictures of their jelly baby friends!


*Apologies for the incomplete status update on 4th October-due to technical problems*


This week we are exploring the theme of kindness and ways of resolving conflicts. This will include making salt dough decorations and friendship necklaces along with celebrating acts of kindness in the classroom. We will be sharing books on these themes and talking about what we can do if things go wrong with our friends.  In maths we will be focusing on patterns and using lots of different ways to create our own repeating patterns.


Looking ahead to next week, we are planning to make a friendship quilt. If you are have any plain coloured fabric offcuts that we could use (ideally 15cm squares) we would be extremely grateful. 



Many thanks for your continued support.

The Reception Team




Weekly update-   26th September 2015


It's been another busy week in Ruby Class!smiley This week the children have enjoyed activities including touring the school meeting different members of staff to find out what they do in our school, along with painting some wonderful portraits of them, which are now on display in the classroom. We have also been focusing on rhyming words, and on Monday and Tuesday the children enjoyed making 'silly soup' and finding rhyming objects buried in the sand, along with singing lots of old favourite nursery rhymes- as well as some new versions- see below!  We also made Christmas Cards (yes we know it's a bit early!) that the PTA will be printing and offering you the opportunity to buy. The children are beginning to really settle into the routines of school life, and we have been playing lots of games to help them get to know each other and develop new friendships. 


Next week we are continuing our theme: 'Do you Want to Be Friends?', looking at what it means to be a 'friend'- this will involve the use of Jelly Babies on Thursday! (Please let us know if you do not want your child to have jelly babies- as there will be an opportunity to eat one or two!)


In case you want to sing or play along at home here are some of the rhymes we have been learning.....


Baa Baa Spotty Sheep


Baa Baa Spotty Sheep 

Have you any spots?

Yes sir, yes sir, I've got lots!

Some on my tummy 

And some on my toes

And a very, very big one on the end of my nose!


Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar


Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar

My Dad drives a rusty car

Put on the engine

Pull out the choke

And off we go in a cloud of smoke!


Silly Soup    (Optional props- a mixing bowl, spoon and rhyming objects e.g car, star,    bat, cat,     mouse, house)

I'm making lots of silly soup

I'm making soup that's silly

I'm going to put it in the fridge

To make it nice and chilly!


In goes ...a car and a star

                a bat and a cat

                a mouse and a house


Finally a reminder about our Parent's Reading Workshop on Wednesday 30th September from 7pm. We hope to see you there.


Many thanks for all your support.

The Reception Team


Coffee Morning Update        Monday 21st September


It was lovely to see so many of our Reception parents at this morning's coffee morning at the Royal Oak. Thank you very much for coming. We do understand that not everybody was able to make this event, so here is a summary of the things we discussed. We did not give out any handouts, just chatted through some of the organisation and arrangements in Reception and answered questions.


Book Bags- Please could your write your child's name clearly on the outside of the book bag, as it is really helpful for ensuring children take home the right one. (This is in addition to writing it under the velcro flap). Thank you.


Please do check your child's book bag regularly for any notes and drawings etc.


Water Bottles-  Thank you for sending these in every day. Please ensure they are named clearly.


Fruit- The children are given a fruit snack each day during the morning.


Home Learning sheets- We love hearing about the children's learning outside school too, as this is just as important as what happens in school. We want to work in partnership with you, so invite you to share with us any significant moments in your child's development. We will be sending home some 'Home Learning Sheets' later this week for you to keep at home. Please don't feel any pressure to fill them in, but if your child has a "wow moment" then please feel free to write it down, add a picture if you wish and send it into school. We will talk to the children about it and encourage them to share their achievement with the class.


Some examples: Got dressed by themselves for the first time!

                            Had their first swimming lesson

                            Rode on a bike.

                            Made a cake with someone.

                            Visited a special place and found out something interesting!


Communication- In the mornings we try to make it as stress free as possible for the children, so please excuse us if we do not have time to chat. If you have a question or query please write it in the communication book that will be near the door. We will get back to you by the end of the day.smiley  If you do need to pop in, the best time is at the end of the day when the children have been collected.


Homework- At the moment please enjoy sharing books with your child as often as possible,  ideally every day. Spend lots of time talking with them about the stories and pictures to help develop vital early reading skills. 


Independence- We are encouraging the children to find and put on their own coats (with a little help where required). Please practise this at home along with putting on shoes and socks, and practising buttons and zips! Thank you.


Many thanks for your support

The Reception Team












       Ruby Class' first week together at school


It has been a busy week in Reception as we welcomed our Summer born children for the first time on Monday. frown We have been getting to know each other through a wide range of games and activities including taking tours of the school, painting self portraits (these are on display in the classroom), sharing snacks of fruit and bread sticks, exploring the outside space including the trim trail and new outdoor classroom and painting our faces on toast (followed of course by eating them!)


The children have enjoyed challenges such as writing their names and age in sand trays, finding and counting objects buried in the sand, water play, making friendship bracelets along with birthday and friendship cards to mention just a few!


Please look out for the 'Welcome Letter' being sent home in book bags on Friday. This will give you more information about the weeks ahead, including some of the activities children will be exploring. The letter will also be available to download at the bottom of this page, as will all future letters from Ruby Class.


Please do keep an eye on this page as we will be updating it regularly with photographs and information about the week ahead.


In the meantime we are very much looking forward to seeing lots of parents at our coffee morning this Monday 21st September  from 9:15 at the Royal Oak. This gives us a chance to chat through how things are going and what you can expect as the term progresses.


Kind Regards

The Reception Team





Wishing all our new children and parents in Ruby Class a very warm welcome!   We have really enjoyed meeting many of you at the home visits- thank you so much for having us frown. We can't wait to have our whole class together from next Monday 14th September. In the meantime we are looking forward to welcoming the children in stages on the dates below....


Tuesday 8th September         First day for Autumn Born children (September-December birthdays)    9 children


Thursday 10th September      First day for Spring born children (January- April birthdays) 8 children        (Total 17children)


Monday  14th September        First day for Summer born children (May- August birthday)  13 children    (Total 30 children)



Here's a quick checklist of items for the children to bring with them to school....


Named water bottle

Named lunch box (if having packed lunch)

Named coat 

Named book bag 


Finally please don't hesitate to chat to any one of the Reception team if you have any questions or concerns. Our primary focus at this time of the year is helping your child to feel welcome and settled at school. 


Kind Regards

The Reception team

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