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Monday 13th January


Despite the shock to the system and some lingering tiredness from New Year, the children have begun the term well and are eager to learn. This term's topic is another new one and a Carter invention: THE GREATEST. The majority of our time will focus on great civilisations- The Maya,  great inventions and inventors; Evolution and adaptation in science and fictional civilisations in our English lessons. The topic web is below this message as well as a homework sheet. The homework grid provides a variety of activities across the subjects, but in addition to this, the children will be encouraged to regularly use their revision books. Additionally, with SATs in mind, revision club starts from February on a Wednesday afternoon.


Also to note this term: Our outdoor PE session has moved from a Wednesday afternoon to a Friday. Please ensure that PE kit is in school every day.

All systems go! Miss Carter

Art week- Picasso's blue period, using 'Blue Guitar'

This week is going to be an exciting one. We are off on our trip to Bough Beech on Wednesday and SES water are coming in tomorrow to prepare us for the trip and teach us about the amazing world of water. We continue our work in English based on the book 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell and write letters in role as one of the children. In maths, we are looking at long division, firstly by factorising using bar models, then using more traditional methods. We will continue looking at changing states in science and begin to find out about the dangers facing the rainforest in our topic lessons.

Under this email are this week's spellings. I will print them and distribute them tomorrow, but the internet issues we had today meant I couldn't do this today.

There has been some wonderful home learning completed by the children- please keep this coming! 

Have a great week, 

Miss C

spelling aut 2 wk 3

Freeze frames based on Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick

Monday 7th October

Here we are in week 6! I can't quite believe how quickly this term is going. The class are doing extremely well. I've had lots of fantastic comments about how well they are doing their jobs around school and about what good role models they are being to others. They are also working very hard on their learning in class and I've been impressed by their approach to home learning and the new reading stars- the fruits of which are making me laugh a lot. Well done everyone!


We continue our work on Floodland in English. Last week, they wrote and delivered persuasive speeches in role as Dooby from the book. These were powerful, detailed and well-structured- the latter being the biggest challenge. This week, we turn our attention to poetry, thanks to the poetic utterances of William, the only adult in the story, who has some rather mad moments. (Our own William finds this quite amusing) The class have also written diary entries in role as Zoe, the main character. Their second diary entries were significantly better than their first and the class were very proud of this improvement. Rightly so. We really are loving this book and  not a day goes by without someone asking if we can read more. 


In maths, we have move on to looking at the  four operations. This week- addition and subtraction and related problem-solving activitie, including complex multi step problems. We will be taking our first times tables test on Wednesday using an updated, harder 'gruesome grid'. The idea is to complete as much as possible in 5 mins- in order to push them to become really fluent in this core area.


Our topic work continues with a look at materials in science and some introductory work on the water-based paintings of Monet. We will also be thinking about how people use rivers.

See below for photos of our recent exploits!

Ashdown Forest September 2019

Friday 13th September

We did it! Our first full week back. There was genuine tiredness from both children and adults today, but it's been a great week. We've begun work on our fabulous new book in English- Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. We love it! In maths, we've been working on a variety of puzzles and problems in order to think about our Maths Mindset. We've been considering ideas like:

Mistakes are powerful

Maths is creative

Everyone can learn maths to a high level


It's been a fantastic way to start the maths year.

We've also begun our topic- Water, Water everywhere, by looking at the journey of a river, world rivers and a piece of music based on a river- Vltava by Smetana.


Next week, the children will receive their new reading records and spellings, alongside the new spelling bee words and accompanying letter. They will each week be given a subset of the spelling bee words to learn, so that they've all been worked on before the spelling bee itself. We will also be revising key spelling rules previously learnt in lesson time each week. 


I've been so impressed with the class this week and was especially delighted to see how many of them ran for the role of house captain/vice captain. They're also doing brilliantly with their new jobs around the school.

Important documents for the start of the year

Welcome back Sapphire Class! It was great to see you back in school today. Well done for working hard and really thinking today. I'm very much looking forward to teaching you again and am excited about how you will take on the extra challenges, responsibilities and rewards that will come your way this year. 


Please make sure that you have the following items in school every day: ONE fully stocked pencil case- the most important item being a whiteboard pen (or two) , LABELLED P.E. kit, full school uniform including appropriate footwear, a reading book if you'd like to bring one from home, water bottle etc. Our cloakroom space is quite limited, so please only bring what you actually need. Being organised is important for a number of reasons but will also help to prepare you for the move to secondary school!


On Monday I will distribute the Welcome Letter, with essential information for the year ahead. I will also outline expectations regarding reading/spellings/times tables. Alongside this, I will send out the Home Learning grid, with suggestions for additional learning you can undertake at home.


One of the first 'Year sixy' things I would like you to think about is whether or not you would like to apply for the role of House Captain. This role is open to all of you,irrespective of whether you are already a member of the Junior Leadership Team or plan on being a behaviour ambassador. Elections will be held in house groups on Friday, 13th September.  If you would like to take on this role, you need to prepare a short speech to present to the school. I will talk this through with you, but you'll need to write the speeches in your own time. I do hope many of you will make the effort to take part.


Excited  about the year ahead!!

Miss Carter






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