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We were surprised and delighted to have received this card and a generous donation towards some ice creams for the class. Many, many thanks to our fellow traveller for your kind words - we are very proud of our children and welcome such excellent feedback on their behaviour. 

A very generous gesture!

Madame Wood has worked so hard with the children this year with their French learning. This culminated with the making of the delicious French pie last week and the French market yesterday. The class had a fabulous lunch and experience, all thanks to her hard work. 

French Pie and French Market

Making volcanoes

Our healthy brunch

Exploring our digestive system!

Ashdown Forest May 2022 - the children's photography!

Happy Half Term!


A belated message, but hope you've all had a good break. We had a fabulous last day at Ashdown Forest on Friday and a special thank you to Mrs Higginson, Mr Dowsett and Mrs Heasman for helping out. Lisa was especially keen for the children to lead the way for their final session and we spent most of the day in the quarry, playing games and connecting with nature! 


Moving into this final half term, our focus will be on writing. We will also be revising the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 statutory words - these lists are also set as an ongoing assignment on Spelling Shed. We will send home a printed list of these words next week. 


Enjoy the rest of the half term break and remember to get an early night on Sunday! 


Mrs Wells 




Sunday 8th May 2022


The sun is shining laugh. Year 6 you are all amazing in your own unique ways and have worked so hard this year. You should all be very proud of the progress that you have made. Remind yourselves of this as we go into this next week - do your best and remember to read the question! angrywink (Can you tell that I've just found the emoji button!)


Timetable for the week ahead is below as promised. 



Mon 9th May 2022

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Paper 1

45 minutes  


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Paper 2 – Spellings

Tues 10th May 2022

English Reading   

60 mins  

Wed 11th May 2022

Maths Paper 1    -     Arithmetic

30 mins  

Maths Paper 2   -    Reasoning 1

40 mins  

Thurs 12th May 2022

Maths Paper 3  - Reasoning 2

40 mins  

Summer Term Topic Web

Tuesday 3rd May 2022

We've had a busy week revising different topics in maths and English and have started our 'humans' topic in science. This week, we will be concentrating on how to answer reasoning questions in maths and the 3 mark comprehension questions in Literacy. We will also be revising tenses.


As we move towards SATS next week, please could you encourage your child to bed at a reasonable time this week. This will not only help their concentration in lessons but will get them into a sleep pattern which will be beneficial for Monday morning.


Many thanks,

Mrs Wells 

03 05 2022 Spellings

25 04 22 Spellings

Our Clay Models



Hope that you all had a fabulous Easter break. The children have all returned with exceptional attitudes to learning and have been a pleasure to teach. Our focus over the next 2 weeks will be SATS revision, although we will be starting our new topic and science areas of  'Natural Disasters'  and 'Animals - including humans'. in our afternoons. 


We all enjoyed exploring a new area of Ashdown Forest on Friday - I hope that you get a flavour of the day with the attached photos and no prizes for guessing who was intent on photo bombing as many photos as possible!


We have our final practice SATS tomorrow morning (SPAG) and will be looking through the maths papers covered last week to see where extra marks could have been gained and to talk through strategies for tackling the reasoning paper. We will be focusing on % of amount in class and some of the more tricky fractions questions (the ones involving whole numbers).


For homework over the next few weeks, please continue to work your way through the CGP books and revise any areas that your child is less confident. During revision club on Thursday, we were looking at Section 6 of maths - measurement : area of triangles, volumes of cuboids etc. If this has been completed, then please move onto Section 7. 


For SPAG, areas covered recently in class have been apostrophes for omission and possession - section 10. We will be revising in class  the different tenses.


Our priority for homework will be arithmetic and SPAG, so I won't be uploading a homework grid until after SATS week (fewer tasks will be expected). 


The topic grid will be uploaded shortly.  


Mrs Wells 


% of Amount Parent Help Sheet



Hope that all of the class have now fully recovered and rested after their busy week at Windmill Hill. I have uploaded some more photos of the week below and there may well be more to follow from other staff members. 


We were all proud of the class in terms of their behaviour and attitude. Each and every one of the children were faced with unfamiliar challenges which tested their resilience and determination. They coped remarkably well and have grown stronger as individuals and as a team. 


The year 6 team were proud to be with the children from Dormansland who were regularly praised by the PGL activity and canteen staff for their manners and behaviour. The PGL instructors were genuinely pleased when allocated one of our groups to instruct! Well done Sapphire class!


Some parents have asked about Easter holiday revision. I have added some suggestions below but please make sure that you also have a restful Easter break so that you are refreshed and ready to go when you return!  


Happy Easter

Mrs Wells and the Year 6 team 



Easter Revision

Some parents asked at parents evening, so I have added the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 statutory words to Spelling Shed as 2 separate assignments. I have also assigned 2 different maths tasks - one SATS arithmetic and the other SATS reasoning as an ongoing task until the end of May.


We have been working through the CGP books together, but feel free to now work through at your own pace and maybe look back  at the areas of the curriculum that you are less confident with and have another go at the questions that you weren't sure about 1st time around. New sections which you could look at, at home for maths are the algebra (section 5) and the area/volume/perimeter (section 6). In the Grammar book, you could look at page 24 (if not completed already) - active and passive voice and section 10.  


Useful websites for practice are :- maths4everyone.co.uk - you need to register, but resources are free

                                    corbettmathsprimary.com - also a really useful, free resource 


Mrs Wells 

Day Four: Birthday celebrations and final night disco!

Day Four: Before the snow arrived!

Day 2 more pictures!

Day One: Newhaven Fort

Friday 18th March 

What an amazing bunch of Year 6 children we have, throwing themselves into the after school sale. Well done for all who were able to participate, by way of making goods to sell and also help setting up the sale and clearing away. I will let you know, when I know, how much money was raised.


Not long now until PGL - the list of provisional activities are as follows: raft building, climbing, abseiling, challenge course, rifle shooting, canoeing, fencing, orienteering, giant swing, trapeze, jacobs ladder, all aboard, problem solving and the sensory trail.In the evening, we are having a campfire, a disco and there are also activities called 'cluedo' and 'ambush'. 


Let's hope that this wonderful weather holds out until then! 


Have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Wells 

Homework for Thursday 24th March 2022

In class this week, we looked at multiplying and dividing decimals (pages 25 and 26).

For homework, please could the children complete pages 28 and 29 - fractions, decimals and percentages (some may have started this in revision club).

Also percentages of amounts - pages 38 and 39. 

Please don't spend more than 40 minutes on this homework - if the children need help, then please ask them to ask me. 

Homework for Thursday 17th March 2022

SPAG - pages 19, 44 and 45 were completed during the Revision Club this week. 

For homework - SPAG - pages 46 and 47 (that should be Section 8 now complete), and spellings pages 78 and 79. 

If the children have any queries, please ask them to ask me next week. Have a lovely, sunny and relaxing weekend.

Mrs Wells 

PGL Trip 

I have been in contact with PGL regarding the activities that we will be doing on our trip. At the moment, the itinerary is for us to do both canoeing and raft building which involves getting shoes wet and the class will need towels and swimming costumes for these activities. Please make sure that they bring enough pairs of old shoes and warm clothes as there is no guarantee that we can dry clothes out for them during our stay. 


They have also now confirmed that we will be having a disco one evening. 


Looks like the class had a great World Book Day - such a shame I couldn't share it with you all. Well done for all your amazing costumes and enthusiasm for the day. I look forward to hearing all about it when I'm back in school. 

Mrs Wells 

Week commencing 7th March 2022

I'm hoping that you've all had a good, restful and healthy weekend. 

In revision club on Thursday, pages 24  and 27 of the Maths CGP books were covered off. 

For homework due this Thursday, please could you complete pages 22 and 23 of maths - multiplying and dividing fractions. Please also finish off any of the pages that you have started and not completed. 



Homework due 3rd March 2022

Maths this week - sections 1 and 2 should already be completed.

This week - moving onto fractions - please complete pages 18, 19 and 20. 

I have attached some tips below to help.

If the children need any help with this, please ask them to ask me. 

Enjoy the sunshine!

Homework Help Sheet

Homework for this Thursday 24th February

Please double check your books and make sure that you have spotted all of the house points! Then complete page 11 on pronouns - this should mean that section 1 of your book is complete. Next, please complete pages 56 and 57 - punctuating speech. If you have a problem with not enough time, please let me know tomorrow. Thank you, Mrs Wells

Happy Half Term

Thank you for all your support this half term and for coming and supporting our Enterprise Week sale on Friday. Learning points were that we could have made and sold more, but it was difficult to know how popular our little chocolate pots were going to be! I'm hoping that they tasted as good as they looked ....


Below are a few photos from our STEM week and some of the amazing homework submitted this half term - it was impossible to copy them all, so please don't be disappointed if your work isn't shown below. 


I have also attached a suggested kit list for the residential. I have not been given the exact itinerary yet, so you may NOT need the swimming costume and disco clothes. 


Have yourselves a relaxing half term break and see you on Tuesday 22nd February.


Mrs Wells and the Year 6 team.


Suggested Kit List PGL

STEM and Enterprise Week

Some of the amazing homework submitted this half term

Winners of the poster competition as voted for by the class

Thursday 3rd February 

Thank you to the parents who were able to Zoom in this morning to the Windmill Hill presentation - so sorry that I was unable to share the powerpoint, this is attached below. I will send the kit list out asap.


Maths homework this week - if the children could look over their work from last week and then continue with the BODMAS, multiples and primes pages, and then the next 2 word problem pages in the book. Apologies - I left the folder at school and don't have to hand the page numbers. I will send a Marvellous Me through tomorrow. 


In English we have started our work on Private Peaceful and started to explore the main characters. We are also delving into basic algebra - one step and two step rules - I think the class have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it really is! The children have also started planning their topic posters, all about WW1. 


If P.E. kits could be brought in tomorrow please - we seem to have a number missing out on P.E. at the moment. Thank you - Mrs Wells.

Thursday 3rd February

Thursday 27th January

Homework this week is SPAG - pages 22 and 23, 82 and 83. Please could the children also look over the work completed last time as there may be some house points lurking!

We finished the practice SATS this week and have also looked through some of the completed papers as a follow up. The children have made us all proud with the progress made since October and their positive attitudes. 

We have started some work in science on forces, percentages in maths and diversity/stereotypes in PSHE. We will be starting our new book in Literacy next week. 

P.E. again tomorrow afternoon, so please could we have P.E. kits in, if they were taken home. Have a good weekend! Mrs Wells

Thursday 20th January

The class have shown great determination and resilience during their practice SATS on Monday and Tuesday of this week. They all deserve a pat on the back for their hard work and positive attitudes. We have a couple more to complete the whole set, which should happen early next week. 

Looking forward to a more relaxed day tomorrow, with P.E. in the afternoon and then a restful weekend!

Mrs Wells 

Homework set 20th January 2022

Maths this week. Please do pages 10 and 11. If you have finished very quickly, then please try the greater depth challenge on page 10. Please also look at any incorrect answers from the revision club work that we did last week on pages 7,8 and 9.


I have shown below an example of how to do the long multiplication and long division for guidance. With the long division, we have used :dad, mum, sister, brother as a way of remembering the steps. Hope the attached helps. 

Examples for homework

Homework set 13th January 2022

SPAG homework this week - pages 4,5,6 and 7 and also pages 36 and 37. Please do not spend longer than 40 minutes on this homework.

The SPAG homework should be brought back into school on or by Thursday 20th January as we may be using the books at revision club next week. 


The exercise books in the plastic wallet are for the termly grid homework, if you decide to complete a written task. The books should help to keep everything in 1 place! Work can be stuck into these books or written directly into. I do not need the exercise books returned every Thursday, however, you may wish to keep the homework books together in the one place. 


Thank you for your support,

Mrs Wells 



Homework Spring 2022

Please find below the homework grid for this term. A hard copy has also come home with the class today. The children can choose 3 of the tasks to complete this half term and 3 for the next. They will be given an exercise book to complete their homework in on Thursday, although they could get started (if they are keen) and stick any work into their book once they've received it. 


In addition to the homework grid, the class will also be set a weekly activity from one of the CGP revision books, which will be set every Thursday. They will be given the CGP books on Thursday as they may also be used in the revision club on Thursday after school. If you are yet to sign up for the revision club, please could you drop the office an email asap to confirm your child's attendance, so that we can plan accordingly. 


Thank you,

Mrs Wells

Homework Grid Spring 2022

Friday 07 January 2022

We've had a great first week back in the classroom. I've been really impressed with the children's attitude to their learning and engagement. We have started some literacy work around 'The Christmas Truce' film - the WW1, Christmas Day football game which happened in 1914. This links in with our topic for this term which is World War. We have also started some work on decimals in maths and multiplying and dividing decimals by 10,100 and 1000. Friday was a cold but dry day on the forest, with flasks and flasks of hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows! I think that we were all glad to be home at the end of the day and defrost!


Wishing all of Sapphire Class and their parents and carers a Happy New Year from the Year 6 Team. Thank you for all your generous Christmas gifts and cards and we look forward to seeing the children again on Tuesday. Have a restful weekend! Best wishes, Mrs Wells 

Christmas Party 2021

Friday 24th September 

Another week has whizzed by and I have been so impressed at how quickly the class have settled back into school and into the routines of Year 6.


We have worked our way through place value, addition and subtraction in maths and will be starting multiplication next week. (I have set a Maths Shed times tables assignment to get some practice in - having the times tables knowledge will really, really help the class to get the most out of their learning, so please practice at home if you can).


In literacy, we have started looking at Floodland by Marcus Sedgewick and the class have been exploring the character of the main character, Zoe, and had a go at writing some suspense writing.


Have a restful weekend, and I look forward to seeing the class on Monday.


Ashdown photos below don't really capture what a great day we all had. We were also all very jealous of the hot chocolate (especially as it came with marshmallows and cream!)    


Mrs Wells 

09 September 2021 

It was lovely to see so many of you in person this morning and 'Zooming' in for our 'Meet the Teacher'. Attached is the PowerPoint. Also attached are this terms topic web, a welcome letter and a guide for Spelling Shed for your information. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mrs Wells 

Welcome 'Meet the Teacher' PowerPoint



Hello, Year 6 parents and carers!


It is so wonderful to be back and starting a new year in school! I hope you all had a fantastic summer and have enjoyed a well-deserved rest. The children have returned to school with lots of enthusiasm and smiles and seem to have settled quickly into our routines.


There will be a 'meet the teacher' session tomorrow on 9th September at 9:15am, which will give more details about the term to come. This will be online as well in person (technology permitting ) and I look forward to meeting you in this session. I will upload the brief PowerPoint to the class webpage following the meeting.


Should you have any questions or need to contact myself or Mrs Hare, please don't hesitate to email the office, use the contact option below or pop a note in the reading diary (they will be with you shortly).


I look forward to working with all your children and guiding them through their last year at Dormansland.


Best wishes,


Mrs Wells

Contact the Sapphire Class Teacher

If you would like to contact Mrs Wells or Mrs Hare, please use the form below. Please note that the response time to this system of contact is three working days.