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More pictures of our amazing Cyclops eyes

Art Week and crazy hair!

Week commencing 22nd November 

Fractions, fractions and more fractions! We are moving onto multiplication and division of fractions this week - hopefully the class will see that once they know how, these questions are really simple! We are doing some persuasive language in English and debating the benefits of living in the city states of Sparta or Athens in our topic work. We have had an interesting debate today about women's rights! I have added below some pictures from our crazy hair day and art week. 

Week commencing 7th November 2022

We will be continuing our work with fractions and Odysseus this week and will start to discuss the different views of the Athens and Sparta city states in our topic lesson. On Wednesday afternoon, the class will be going to Lingfield College to watch their Year 7 performance and will need collecting from Lingfield College. 

Friday 4th November 2022

We were so lucky to have the only dry day of the week to visit Ashdown and it was a beautiful day! We spent time investigating the flow of water, the natural springs, erosion, the impact of damming the streams and listening for waterfalls. The water on the forest was impressive following the heavy rain of the week, and it was inevitable that the children got very wet and muddy. It was great to see the class enjoying the outdoors and helping with the conservation of the learning centre by clearing paths and moving logs. There was also the opportunity to make Christmas trees from brambles which were very impressive (I will try and upload some pictures of these next week).


Many thanks to Mr Collins and Mrs Barnes for their help on the day, which was invaluable. 

Hello parents - please find the Home Learning Grid for the second half of Autumn Term. Instructions are at the top of the grid.


Have a great half term!


Mrs Hare & Mrs Wells

What a fun time in the forest we've just had! Thankfully it didn't rain too much, just a little shower before lunch.

The children loved being back in the forest ... apologies if they've come home a little dirty. Muddy puddles seemed to be a particular attraction today!


Here are a few photos of our adventures, enjoy.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hare  : )



The first full week has flown by and I'm really glad that the weather was reasonably kind to the class on their forest day! We have been so impressed by the attitude of learning shown by every single one of the class and to be honest, we had a really hard task, trying to decide who our star of the week was! 


This past week, we have been looking at the whole school book of "After the Fall' which tells us all about the trials and tribulations of Humpty Dumpty, following his fall off the wall! We will continue with this work for part of next week, before starting our work on Greek myths. We have been revising place value in maths and will be moving onto the basic four functions at the end of this week - starting with addition and subtraction. We have also made a start with our Greek topic work and our e-safety computer lessons. 


Forest photos will be updated asap but in the meantime, have a fabulous weekend!


Mrs Wells and Mrs Hare 




Thanks so much for those of you who were able to make it this morning. Below is the powerpoint outlining everything you need to know for now...


Hoping that you all had a wonderful, relaxing break and are ready for the Autumn term! Mrs Hare and Mrs Higginson will be welcoming you back tomorrow (Friday) and Mrs Wells and Mrs Holme will see you Monday. We will be doing P.E. on a Tuesday afternoon, so if we could have named P.E. kits in for then, that would be great! 


Looking forward to welcoming you all back! 


The Year 6 Team 

Sapphire Class Teachers

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