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Our School Vision and Ethos

What makes Dormansland children sparkle?

When they engage actively in our school's learning adventure, the children here:

  • are happy, confident learners who aim high and believe in themselves
  • respect the importance of fostering and sustaining positive personal relationships with others
  • know how to keep themselves and others healthy and safe
  • have a strong emotional and academic 'toolkit' at their disposal
  • understand how personal and political decisions affect the future of the environment and know that they have a responsibility to help sustain the planet
  • want to learn and have the capacity to realise their potential


What makes us come to work at Dormansland each day?

Everyone is valued for the contributions they make to our team and to our school community. We wholeheartedly work by the following principles:

  • Emotional well-being first, everything else second
  • Children take significant responsibility for their own learning
  • Everyone aspires to greatness as a learner
  • Children have a healthy outlook on all aspects of living, including food, fitness and finance
  • All staff are inspired, incentivised and motivated to feel passionate about the job that they do
  • Leadership emerges from within our learning community
  • Every member of our school and local community shares our school's successes
  • People have limitless potential